Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quilting Journal

I started quilting in January 2009. I know this, not because it was insanely memorable, but because at the same time I started a quilting journal. I have used the journal to write information about every quilting project I have started. I use it to remember patterns and fabric I liked and remind myself of what worked well and what worked not so much.

I also add a swatch of as many fabrics as I can fit on the page and include what part of the quilt the fabric came from.

This has been a great way to remind me of unfinished projects that I need to re-visit and what settings work well with different types of thread. Here is a list of what I include for each project:
  • Start and finish date
  • Project type and pattern name
  • Fabric collection name(s)
  • Thread brand, color and weight
  • Who I am making the project for and why
  • Tension settings
  • Quilting style
  • Any snags I run into along the way
  • Any great things I want to remember
  • Feedback from the recipient
The most important thing is that I have a catalog of what I've done to pass on to my family. Good luck tracking your projects!

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  1. thank you.. just finished a quilt for my oldest granddaughter.. top stitching not great.. but she loves it..